What sets us apart?

We are half-Italian and half Anglo-Saxon, who all permanently live, work and play in Italy – so we cross the cultural divide and fully understand you and your group clients.

We really do speak your language!

We know what you’re talking about when you say you have a group enquiry from Wolverhampton U3A, a High School choir from Atlanta, a group of Saskatchewan farmers, or even a congregation for the 50th Anniversary of Charismatic Renewal!

We don’t try to be a ‘jack of all trades’

We only offer Italy – nowhere else – because we believe that groups can only be successfully handled with very high levels of product knowledge, attention to detail, and personal care.

We give your group all the time it deserves

We are not a large tour operator on purpose and we ensure we only take on what we can successfully deliver. It also means that we DO know YOU from Adam and your particular must-haves.

We only work with English-speaking B2B clients

Given our cultural background, it makes sense not to deal with anyone else.

Our clients are tour operators and wholesalers in Britain, the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

We represent YOU, and make YOU look good

We welcome-call all arriving Group Leaders, keeping them updated throughout the tour and triple-checking all their services beforehand.

We receive scores of thank you messages from departing Group Leaders having had a wonderful, safe and trouble-free time…all in YOUR name.

All our tours are completely personalised

We work entirely on a flexible on-request basis so that your clients are completely happy with the final arrangements.

No amount of chopping and changing is a problem for us.

We turn price quotes round in one working day

And 2 or 3 working days for quotes with held hotels.

We answer the phone in mother-tongue English!

We have a 24-hour 365-days a year cell/mobile phone cover for travelling groups AND it’s not a select-1-or-2-or-3-options number or diverted number.

Also, the person answering will be your contact for the group from the outset, for swifter action and response.

We’re fully licensed and bonded

So YOU and your clients are fully financially protected.